Selling a House in a Bad Neighborhood in the Twin Cities

Selling a House in a Bad Neighborhood in the Twin Cities

  Minneapolis has as many neighborhoods as there are stereotypes for the folks who live in them. We’ve got the areas for hipsters, yuppies, college kids and the upper crust. But of course, we’ve also got our fair share of less desirable parts of town. It may seem like there’s a neighborhood for anybody here, […]

I’m Getting Divorced in Minnesota. Do I Have to Sell My House?

Some things in life, like divorce, are unpredictable. With unpredictability comes confusion, and that’s why most people undergoing a divorce are filled with unanswered questions and concerns about what the process will bring. The primary question that most want answers to is “do I need to sell my house?” After all, the house is the […]

Twin Cities Inheritance Law: What You Need to Know

minneapolis st paul inheritance law

When a loved one passes, there can be some comfort in being the recipient of proceeds from their estate. But, it can also be a draining process, both in terms of energy and finances. Before you can become a legal beneficiary, there’s some law you’ll have to familiarize yourself with. In Minnesota, when dealing with […]

How to Sell a Vacant Home in Minneapolis

How to Sell a Vacant Home in Minneapolis We Buy Ugly Houses

Homeowners sometimes find themselves in a situation where they need to sell a vacant home. Perhaps they’ve had to relocate quickly due to a new job, divorce, or any other major life change. Selling a vacant house isn’t easy. Many issues can arise when selling a vacant house. Pricing in a pinch The price of […]